Yogurt drink (Doogh )


It’s very hot day .So let’s make something cold and healthy .Mhhhh why not yogurt drink ; or what they called in Afghanistan doogh . This drink is very healthy and testy .It’s one of my favorite drink If I can say I make it everyday .

As we know that yogurt  can boost immunity .It is a rich source of calcium. It is an excellent source of protein ,can lower cholesterol and more benefits …….

Doogh is refreshing drink made with yogurt, water, salt  and mint .Because I like cucumber I add it to my recipe .

We need :

1 cup   yogurt

½ tsp mint, dried , crushed

Salt for taste

1 cup ice

3/4 cup minced cucumber

Preparation :

Mix  yogurt and water using a hand mixer, blender or a whisk.

Add salt to taste, dried mint some cucumber and ice cubes, stir till it blends well.

Simple .


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